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State of Art Store Zwolle

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12:00 - 17:00 hrs (First sunday of the month)
  State of Art Store
Luttekestraat 46
+31 (0)38 72 00 820

On Saturday November 1st, the State of Art Store in Zwolle was opened. The store is located in the heart of Zwolle’s shopping district, in a beautiful historical building at Luttekestraat 46, that served as a weapons and equestrian shop for many years.

The equestrian business belonging to H.J. Bremer was one of the oldest equestrian shops in the Netherlands. Bremer offered everything in the field of hunting, rider and horse. The product range consisted of hunting weapons, munitions, air guns, country apparel, ladies’ and gentlemen’s clothing and accessories. In 1990, the store was even granted the right by her Majesty the Queen to use the addition ‘purveyor to the court’.

This building still contains a nostalgic basement area, where the repairs on weapons used to be carried out. The weapons could also be tested here on an actual shooting range.

In July 2006, the Bremer family, due to circumstances, had to unfortunately close its doors after 141 years. Zwolle lost a business that was very prominent in the region and the country. Many of the inhabitants of Zwolle have stood in front of the shop windows as a child to get a glimpse of the exciting items inside.

With its move into this beautiful and nostalgic building, State of Art hopes to uphold the building’s history and to add an amazing Menswear store to the heart of Zwolle.

In our newest store you can find the latest collections, available from size S to 4XL. And of course, here too an enthusiastic and expert team stands at the ready to provide you with honest advice.