State of Art: Driven by Craft

Since 1987, State of Art has been combining craftsmanship and iconic design in timeless menswear. Classic designs with a contemporary twist, for men who value quality. Simultaneously refined, effortless and rugged. Clothing that is designed according to the latest colours and styles, but which stands the test of time. And just like the Porsche 1500S Cabrio - the first classic Porsche that State of Art founder Albert Westerman fell in love with as a little boy - with a subtle sporty look. In short: style at its best, for the driven man with class.

Who we are

State of Art is made up of a team of enthusiastic individuals with extensive knowledge and expertise. From the designers to the administrative staff, and from the marketing team to our in-house Porsche specialists, everyone makes an equally valuable contribution towards achieving our mission. The values that stem from our long history as a family business are still reflected in the company's core values: drive, loyalty and a focus on craftsmanship. With headquarters in Lichtenvoorde - in and around the old knitting factory where it all began in 1936 - the State of Art team excels, thanks to a down-to-earth mentality and a modest, yet ambitious, approach. Here, we build together on the solid foundation once laid by Albert Westerman Sr. on towards a bright future.


Clothing should fit well, represent your character, but - above all - maintain its quality. State of Art creates fashion from the best materials that last. All our garments have their own unique journey. From design to manufacture, and from transportation to the moment you wear it for the first time. In the entire manufacturing process, we consider it important that the ecological footprint is as small as possible. Since small improvements can have far-reaching impacts, we believe that today's carbon footprint determines tomorrow's quality of life. Wherever possible, our products are made from sustainable materials. We also aim for transparency in our supply chain, and fairness to all the people we work with. Comfort and pleasure, for everyone associated with our brand. Responsible. Together. Discover our sustainable label here


State of Art is steeped in history when it comes to quality, design and manufacture. It all started in 1936 when Albert Westerman Sr. set up a knitting factory for baby clothing in Lichtenvoorde. More than 40 million items of baby clothing were subsequently manufactured in this workshop between 1936 and 1980. When, in the 1970s, the demand for baby clothing slowly began to decline, Westerman decided to focus on knitwear for men and women. In 1987, Albert Westerman Jr. definitively turned his attention to menswear, and State of Art came into being. The same values that characterise classic Porsches - for which Westerman Jr. had a particular love - still play an important role: drive, craft and craftsmanship.

Our love for Classic Porsches

Albert Westerman Jr., who presided over State of Art’s establishment in 1987, fell in love with the Porsche 356 1500 S Cabrio when he was ten years old. A passion was sparked which led him to building a collection of more than 40 classic Porsches. Including a rare 550 Spyder and 718 RSK. 

Of course performance cars were never intended to stay standing still. The entire collection is kept in full working order by two full-time specialist Porsche mechanics.
So they can be driven to fashion shows, photo shoots and even participate in rallies.
In parallel with our clothing, the State of Art Porsche collection exemplifies craftsmanship, adventure and timeless style.


 Responsible. Together. 

Ons sustainability statement

Clothing should fit well, represent your character, but above all, maintain its quality. All our clothing items have their own journey. From design, to production, to transport, right up until the moment you wear it for the first time. As small improvements can cause impactful changes, we believe that today’s ecological footprint defines the quality of life for tomorrow.

This is reflected in our effort to reduce our footprint. It’s part of our daily business. We strive for transparency in our supply chain and are honest to everyone involved in the process. Comfort and pleasure, not only for our clients, but for all people connected to our brand. It’s what we call: Responsible. Together. 

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