Style. Evolved.


On the road between fleeting fashion and classic design, there’s a place where iconic styles live today’s look.

With on-trend detail and up-to-date materials. Outclassing empty hype with meaningful appeal.

A place of quality craftmanship, where comfort rides side-by-side with durable good looks. So you’re always perfectly turned out, through every changing season.

This place is State of Art.
Because we believe personal expression transcends time.

Wherever you’re heading, make sure your style statement comes with you.

State of Art
Style. Evolved.

About us

Since 1987, State of Art has been fusing the best of every era to delight men who value true style.

Identifying iconic fashions which underpin today’s look. Updating them with original, on-trend details. And upgrading them through use of the latest, high-quality fabrics.

The result is characterful contemporary fashion rooted in cherished archetypes. Coordinated collections you can rely on for a complete, up-to-date look. Every season. 

Subtly distinctive. Effortlessly elegant. Confidently in-tune.

This is the evolution of menswear.


Who we are

We are a team of designers, entrepreneurs and explorers with a strong appreciation of life’s pleasures. Based in the east of the Netherlands, influenced by extensive travel. Yet still true to our roots as craftspeople from a down-to-earth region, far removed from the big city attitude.


Gaining from the past, while cherishing the present, we have a diversity of passions that radiate through our work. We seize opportunities for fully embracing life, without losing sight of what really matters. And we share that feeling through the clothes we create.


Our mission


Our goal is to give you the characterfully stylish looks you crave, via a sublime fusion of timeless elegance and current trends. Achieved by updating respected fashion icons with original design twists.

While utilising contemporary fabrics, materials and techniques.

Always grounded in quality, comfort and attention to detail.

Our origins

Conceived in the Netherlands in 1987, State of Art has its own evolutionary tale to tell. The stylish casual menswear label we know today emerged out of a very different enterprise – a family business founded in 1936 to manufacture knitted babywear. With enormous success. Just about every Dutch child born before 1980 wore its clothes at some point!

By the late 1970s, increased competition, new fabrics and a lower birth rate had led to a change in demand for baby knitwear.

The manufacturing business, still in the hands of the founding Westerman family, was repurposed to serve an older age group. Production switched to ladies and men’s pullovers, which were marketed under three separate labels. 

One of which was State of Art.

Within a few years, production was phased out in favour of design and distribution. At this point, State of Art was proving so successful that the other labels were discontinued. So full attention could be given to developing State of Art into a complete menswear brand.

The first dedicated State of Art Store opened in the Netherlands in 1994.


Responsible. Together.

Clothing should fit well, represent your character, but above all, maintain its quality. All our clothing items have their own journey. From design, to production, to transport, right up until the moment you wear it for the first time. As small improvements can cause impactful changes, we believe that today’s ecological footprint defines the quality of life for tomorrow.

This is reflected in our effort to reduce our footprint. It’s part of our daily business. We strive for transparency in our supply chain and are honest to everyone involved in the process. Comfort and pleasure, not only for our clients, but for all people connected to our brand. It’s what we call: Responsible. Together. 

Discover our sustainable label here.

From cotton field to product
Discover our GOTS collection
Completely recycled and circular
Discover our collaboration with Loop.a life

Our love for Classic Porsches

Albert Westerman Jr., who presided over State of Art’s establishment in 1987, fell in love with the Porsche 356 1500 S Cabrio when he was ten years old. A passion was sparked which led him to building a collection of more than 40 classic Porsches. Including a rare 550 Spyder and 718 RSK. 

Of course performance cars were never intended to stay standing still. The entire collection is kept in full working order by two full-time specialist Porsche mechanics.
So they can be driven to fashion shows, photo shoots and even participate in rallies.

In parallel with our clothing, the State of Art Porsche collection exemplifies craftsmanship, adventure and timeless style.

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