A perfect combination


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    Ibiza Vibes


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      Freshness of spring

      The freshness of spring is a gift every year. Winter is good, but that day when nature wakes up and the temperature gradually starts to rise also awakens something in us humans. The yearning for light and airiness that sets the mood is answered by the State of Art Spring collection’s comfortable light fabrics and fresh colours. You’ll find an enormity of different patterns and prints in our shirts. From large and distinctive to ultra-small graphic designs. And because every shirt contains Lycra, they are unbelievably comfortable. Once you get used to these, you won’t want to wear anything else.




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        Super shades of spring

        In the season when nature unfurls in all its facets, the State of Art Spring collection treats you to a delightful and incomparable playing field of colours. Giving you all the opportunities you could wish for to make beautiful, subtle tone-on-tone combinations or create playful accents. Not just from tops and trousers, but also with accessories and shoes. You could, for example, try lace-up moccasins in herringbone print. Come along, be

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