Loop.a life x State of Art

A unique collaboration between Loop.a life and State of Art has led to a circular collection. The moment a garment has been discarded, the circular production process of this collection begins.

Currently only about 1% of the world’s clothing production includes material from worn clothing. The State of Art by Loop.a life collection belongs to this small percentage and is made of discarded clothing collected locally in the Netherlands. Together with Loop.a life, we hope to use more ‘post consumer’ textiles for our new collections.




Post consumer waste

After the clothing is collected, the clothing is sorted by colour and material using a special sorting machine. Subsequently, all zips, buttons and labels are removed. Machines reduce this ‘post consumer’ material to fibres, which can then be used as a raw material. Finally, the fibres are combined with industrial waste (such as recycled PET bottles) or sustainable lyocell to create a new yarn with which the items in this collection are knitted.



Colouring without dyes

Because the clothing collected is sorted by colour, this forms the colour of the new item. By mixing it with other coloured fibres, multiple colours can be created. As a result, no dyes, chemicals, or water are used in the production. The items from the State of Art by Loop.a life collection therefore consist of 100% sustainable material produced in a closed chain.

You can find out more about Loop.a life and the circular production process here



Green Deals Circular Textiles

Within the Green Deals Circular Textiles, initiated by the Amsterdam Economic Board, various parties have committed themselves to working towards a circular approach to textiles over the next four years. State of Art is one of these forerunners and has joined forces with them. As part of the ‘coalition of the willing’, we aim to incorporate at least 10% locally collected ‘post consumer’ textiles into our collections by 2025.

Find out more about Green Deals Circular Textiles here.

Responsible. Together.

Loop.a life

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