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State of Art Opens Store in Winterswijk

27 March 2014

WINTERSWIJK – Already on day one business is booming in the new State of Art store on the Wooldstraat in Winterswijk. At this superb location near the Markt, State of Art opens the first of three stores to open their doors this year. Winterswijk will be followed by Doetinchem and then Amstelveen.

By Kyra Broshuis

“Of course it is incredible that we now have a store here, close to State of Art’s home base in Lichtenvoorde,” says a proud Martijn Mateman, operational manager. “We are located in all large cities, but as a genuine company from the ‘Achterhoek’, we are very pleased with this new store in Winterswijk. It is great for the visibility of our company.”
State of Art now has 11 privately owned stores and 26 State of Art Brand stores. “Yes, our company is doing well. This is also due to the fact that we have fantastic teams, both in the stores and at the head office in Lichtenvoorde.”
State of Art is inextricably linked to the classic motorsport and in particular with the Porsche car brand, the great passion of founder and owner of State of Art, Albert Westerman. That’s why a Porsche is an essential part of this opening day. Many passers-by take out their mobile phones to take a quick picture of the beautiful and exclusive Porsche 550 Spyder 1500 RS that dates from 1955. Superbly positioned on a specially extended Volkswagen T1 Bunker-Transporter (with a Porsche engine), this special car draws even more customers to the beautifully furnished store.

State of Art used to be a knitting studio of the Westerman family in Lichtenvoorde. The family business was named Albert Westerman Group in the mid 1980s. Westerman tapped into an emerging market by manufacturing pullovers, amongst other things. When the company’s focus shifted from manufacturing to distribution, the choice was made to continue business with the strong brand of State of Art. And the rest is history. Every year, State of Art designs eight clothing collections for people with an active lifestyle. The passion for stylish, modern-classical clothing has been popular for many years now. With its sporty, modern and comfortable fashion, State of Art will remain a ‘style statement’ for many years to come.
The new shop on the Wooldstraat looks incredible, as does the fashion. Men who like to dress well have come to the right address here for jumpers, shirts, polo shirts, trousers and more formal clothing. Winterswijk has another wonderful store to add to its portfolio.

Photo: Martijn Mateman (operational manager) with the Winterswijk team Rob Koeslag, Mariët Wolsheimer and Tom Toebes.

Source: AchterhoekNieuws.nl Winterswijk