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State of Art presents: Autumn/Winter 2015 collection

07 September 2015

State of Art travels the whole world for Inspiration. After Brazil, Scotland and New Orleans, we have now arrived in beautiful, dynamic Scandinavia. We are in Sweden, to be precise.

Like many other travellers, we begin our road trip in the capital city of Sweden. Moreover, it is apparent right from the start that we feel at home here. The city may be called Stockholm, but Stockhome would be a more apt name.

As we drive into the city in our Porsche 356, we are overwhelmed by the ambience of Stockholm. The quintessential facades of the houses, the characteristic market square, and the many bridges that connect different parts of the city jump out at us immediately.

One of these bridges grabs our attention, we decide to park the Porsche and cross the bridge on foot. This location offers us a stunning view of the city. There is however, a fresh breeze coming from the large volume of water that surrounds us. The warm, comfortable jackets and sweaters from the new autumn collection offer ample protection against the breeze. The sweaters vary from chunky to very fine knit. Prints feature strongly again this season. Numerous shirts offer an attractive and wide range. The use of prints on fine knit pullovers is a new trend. The designs are exquisite, with tasteful use of colour. The choice of materials and fabrics is a second aspect that is significant this winter. For coats and trousers as well as sweaters, materials with a “wool-look” have been used. This gives the pieces a warm feel, while they remain very light and wearable.
Use of colour in the Early Autumn collection has been inspired by our road trip. Neutral tones such as beige, taupe and light and dark greys feature strongly in this collection, with highlights provided by warm brique/orange hues. In addition to these neutral shades, dark blue remains the most important colour in the Early Autumn collection.

After we have explored the city thoroughly, we decide to head back to our Porsche and go in search of another typical image of Sweden: beautiful, sweeping vistas of nature.