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State of Art presents: Autumn/Winter 2014 collection

21 July 2014

City or countryside. Stylish or rugged. The modern man loves both. But what he loves even more is to mix and match…

Scotland seems to have been created for getting out and about. The narrow roads winding along the rugged mountain landscape give the Porsche 356 SC everything it needs to perform at its best. The perfect environment for our “road trip”. 

We exchange magnificent drives with brisk walks. It is the ultimate way to explore the landscape and enjoy breath-taking views from the top of the hills. 

The cool breeze we are treated to when we reach the top of those hills is no match for the comfortable, warm jackets, body warmers and sweaters from our latest fall collection. The knitwear of this collection of sweaters ranges from rugged to very fine and in some cases is even hand-knitted. 

The new collection, with 3 consecutive delivery times and matching colour schemes, offers unlimited opportunities for creating very personal combinations. With warm colours, extreme comfort and luxury knitwear and subtle or more distinct designs.

It is also perfect to create combinations in the contemporary ‘layered look’. Tailored jackets, tough sweaters, elegant waistcoats, casual shirts with a formal touch, shawls and accessories: create your own look and emphasise colour. 


Autumn/Winter 2014