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The most wonderful races in the world

Some classics are considered the most impressive of all races, rich in history, glorious victories and blood-curdling anecdotes. State of Art not only cherishes these classics but also actually relives these grand classic races with continuously changing teams. Several participants return more often, like the unsurpassed Dutch racing icons Gijs van Lennep and Jan Lammers. But also prominent individuals like former Dutch prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende drove for the State of Art team in the past few years. Not surprisingly, the team used cars from the State of Art Classic Porsche Collection. If you want to get the best from these classic Porsches, you have to maintain them in prime condition. A dedicated service team therefore drives along to maintain and prepare the cars during the race.

After every race, the participants invariably have the same reaction: what a fantastic experience! This has been said for many years all over the world about four famous classics. Here, we provide further information about these famous classics.

Most wonderful races in the world