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From 200 to 10,000m2

The factory building has not always been this large. As from the establishment of the knitting studio in 1936, the premises have been extended considerably. What started as a little 200m2 factory grew into a building of 10,000m2. The historical development of the factory building is described in Albert Westerman Sr's records.


History of the factory premises

In 1935, Albert Westerman Sr inherited from his aunt a parcel of land (1) of about 800m² in the area between Dr Besselinkstraat, Op den Akker and Nieuwe Maat in Lichtenvoorde. The entire area consisted of nine parcels with as many owners. Eventually, Albert Westerman Sr succeeded in acquiring all parcels and in extending his company building. The order and the year of acquisition of each parcel are indicated on the map.

Factory premises - map number 1

Note that a sandy path ran through this area. Initially, the extension works did not cross this path, but after 1950 building activities also took place beyond this path. The path is still visible today; it is used when you go through the long corridor to the knittery.
After half of his own ground had been built upon in 1936 and 1937, Albert Westerman Sr acquired his first parcel from Pillen (’t Zwaantje), on which the third extension was built in 1938. In 1941, the rest of the land was built up, until no vacant land was left.

Factory premises - map number 2

In 1950, a piece of land was bought from Jaarsveld, on which the knittery was extended in 1951, and two years later (1953) a yarn warehouse was built on it. A stately two-storey office building was erected on the parcel of the parish. The plot between this new building and the existing buildings was built up for the benefit of the dispatch department. The show room and restaurant are currently located here.

Factory premises - map number 3

In the late 1950s, the expansion continued. The ready-to-wear clothing room with sawtooth roof and the canteen on top were completed in 1959 and a large yarn warehouse was built in 1965.

Factory premises - map number 4

In 1962, the Sterenborg shoe factory was closed down, and the premises and the land were transferred to Albert Westerman. After it had been let out for twenty years as a school annex, it was demolished in 1982 to be replaced by a shed (1983) and later on by the current yarn warehouse (1988).

Factory premises - map number 5