Een perfecte combinatie


Ibiza Vibes


The beaty of blue

The ocean's never-ending variances of blue beneath a crystal clear sky are a fascinating, infinite source of inspiration. For our Summer collection, we've used the most beautiful, lively and stimulating blues to bring that summer feeling to life in its own State of Art way. Dark Navy provides depth and sharp contrasts, Mid Blue is soft and friendly and Navy Peony breathes chic, while Air Blue radiates light and purity. And then you've also got Cool Blue and Ecru, which form the yin and yang of freshness and elegance. 

Casual, but not as usual

There are those times when "standard' casual perfectly sums up your clothing mood. There are others when you want to be a bit more smart casual, more sporty or super relaxed - that's when beach pants come in handy. But there are also times when none of this is enough. Times when you want something extra, when the volume can be turned up a little higher. For when those moods strike, the State of Art Summer collection offers a special mini-collection of outspoken suits with over-the-top prints. Not something you'll come across every day, but with which you'll kick up a storm, if that's what you want to do. Made from knitted materials, so that they don't just look brilliant but feel fantastic too. Ay caramba!

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