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Porsche 911 T (2.8 RSR) 1969 - WHITE BLUE ORANGE


We look back at the seventies. An exciting time dominated by the love of cars and the passion for speed. Each team, each driver, each brand recognizable by its own unique style. At that time Porsche made its mark with the 911. Their drivers were immortalised as heroes and their unique sense of style much admired by their fans.
The Porsche 911T from the State of Art Classic Porsche Collection embodies this love and is the eye-catcher for State of Art Racing. The original 911T dating from 1969 had a 2.4 litre engine which had a power of 160 HP and mechanical fuel injection. However, the current 911T in the State of Art Classic Porsche Collection is not equipped with an original engine. The fact is that the 2.4 litre engine has been replaced by the 2.8 litre RSR engine dating from 1973, which generates ... HP. The high-powered engine also means a stronger transmission. It is one of the first Porsches with a gearbox we nowadays know as an ‘H’ gearbox, with the first gear at the top left, instead of a ‘dogleg’ gearbox. The race 911T is also equipped with a small spoiler under the front bumper for even more stability at high speeds. As a result, the 911T is considered to be the best ‘mainstream’ classic 911.

Porsche 911 T (2.8 RSR) 1969 - White Blue Orange