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Porsche 911 S Coupé 1967 - Dark Grey


The Porsche engineers wanted to improve the successful 356 at several crucial points. Some of these improvements, however, were so drastic that eventually it was decided to design an entirely new model. This became the 911. This Porsche had to offer passengers more space, and a filled golf bag had to fit in the boot. The owner was also allowed some more comfort, but the familiar Porsche shape had to be retained. The first 911 was designed by Ferdinand Alexander ‘Butzi’ Porsche, Ferry Porsche’s eldest son. The model was called 901 at the time, but as all Peugeot model names had a zero in the middle, the name 911 was eventually chosen. The rest is history.

Porsche 911 S Coupé  1967 - Dark Grey